Organizational structure

In 2021, Icelandair made changes to its organizational structure to align its organization better with its ambitious strategy of sustainable growth, digital transformation, and central focus on customer experience.

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Our organizational structure

Changes in the organizational structure in 2021

The main changes from the previous organization structure, were splitting up Icelandair’s Commercial division into new Revenue and Customer divisions. The establishment of the Customer division will foster a strong customer-centric focus across the organization and facilitate a stronger Icelandair brand. The Revenue division will combine the Company’s revenue focused functions of Network, Revenue Management and Sales in a single division with the aim of reaching Icelandair’s full revenue potential. Furthermore, a new standalone Digital & Data division will enable Icelandair’s digital and data journey from a central position within the Company, led by Chief Digital Officer.

The Company’s operations now consist of eight divisions:

  • Revenue (new)
  • Customer (new)
  • Aircraft Leasing & Consulting
  • Air Freight & Logistics
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Digital & Data (new)
  • People & Culture

Icelandair's Executive Committee

Following the changes, the Executive Committee consists of nine members. Tómas Ingason, who had served as Chief Information Officer and Chief Business Development Officer since 2019, heads the new Revenue division. The new Customer division is led by Chief Customer Officer Sylvía Kristín Ólafsdóttir, who returned to Icelandair after having previously served as Director Network Planning & Scheduling and Director Operations Support from 2018-2021. The new Digital & Data division is led by Rakel Óttarsdóttir, who joins Icelandair as an experienced digital executive.

Further changes to the Executive Committee took place in 2021 with Ívar S. Kristinsson appointed as Chief Financial Officer, having previously served as Chief Fleet & Network Officer from 2019-2020, and Jens Bjarnason assuming the position of Chief Operations Officer.